Team Valvoline

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An online community built for racers and engineers. Featuring a complete online shop for the NEW Pro-V Racing™ product line and useful industry-advancing content from some of the greatest minds in racing. Team Valvoline members will have the opportunity to earn rewards that can be applied towards discounts and exclusive race opportunities. Stay tuned.

New Pro-V Racing Products

A full line of premium racing oils and lubricants for nearly every circuit and class. The same technology and expertise behind our professional race teams, optimized in the Valvoline lab and proven on tracks throughout the world. Now available for purchase to racers everywhere.

Order Today

Prior to the online launch of Team Valvoline, Pro-V Racing products are available for purchase now by phone.

Stop by booth 2545 at PRI to learn more, speak with our technical team and check out the unveiling of!

For Purchases, Call 1-800-560-3123

Team Valvoline

A Community Built for Racers & Engineers

In 1886 we introduced our motor oil. When the first race was won in America, we were under the hood. Valvoline has become synonymous with the highest levels of racing. We’re constantly reinventing what high performance means for motor oil. Team Valvoline unites the fearless drivers, builders and engineers pushing the limits at garages and tracks around the world.