The Hot Rod Hustle

A Dale Gas Diary

Team Valvoline
Aug 4, 2017


Father and husband, lifelong car enthusiast, tireless turner of wrenches. Tim Sr. has been obsessed with T-Bucket rods since before he could see over the steering wheel. To this day, you’ll find the 54 year old heavy equipment mechanic playing with cars and sharing wisdom with the next generation. 
I tell al the kids you can have a hot rod. It just takes time and you can do it all yourself.
Son and loyal apprentice to Big Papa Puff, Tim Jr. learned everything he knows about cars from his old man. Junior grew up thinking hot rods were just “junk,” but at age 17, Timmy Shine followed in Dad’s DIY footsteps, built his first rod from an old scrapyard frame, and the rest is family history.


When the daily grind is done, this father and son duo devotes their lives to cars. Tim and Tim Jr. not only build, restore, and ride, but they also transform legendary classics into seriously sweet hot rods.


A 1923 Ford powered by a 1980s Ford 302 (5.0L) engine. This devilish red ride needed to accommodate a taller driver, so with a little bit of DIY magic, the Backyard Builders stretched the body for more leg room than your average rod. 


When Big Papa Puff first got his hands on this 4-barrel beast, he wanted a look that let his whitewalls sing. So Tim Jr. painted Dad’s hot rod blue and gave her custom ghost flames for a little extra sizzle. The guys threw down a few extra bucks too and made that 454 Edelbrock really thump. 


Most ‘30s Fords came off the line as 5-window coupes, but as legend has it, only about 20 of these hardtop sports coupes were ever produced. Once Tim Sr. dropped in a 350 with 2 Holley 4-barrels, this bad boy was destined to turn heads at meetups across the southwest. 



Tim and Tim Jr. don't know what everyone else does on nights and weekends because, for them, there's always something to do in the garage. The father/son dream team builds hot rod frames, welds, paints, assembles, and disassembles until they run out of daylight (or until momma says it’s time for dinner). 


The Backyard Builders collaborate on most aspects of a project – things like metal work and framing – but dad and son each have their own specialties. Senior handles electrical and gets the engine running. He proudly brags that Junior wears the paint crown in the family. Mom is even learning to tackle upholstery so the guys can keep their whole operation in-house. 

The home garage isn’t just where hot rods come to life – it’s where family and friends come together. To hang out. To hold a screwdriver. And soon, to celebrate Tim Jr.’s marriage to his longtime girlfriend (and car lover, herself), Nicole. 
The Road Ahead
Tim and Tim Jr. take great pride in their work, their family, and their inside jokes. And when it comes to creating some of the hottest hot rods known to man, this father and son plan to keep enjoying the ride – and each other’s company – for decades to come. 
Currently, the Backyard Builders are restoring a red 1954 F100 pickup. Next on the agenda? Another T-Bucket hot rod, of course. 

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Team Valvoline
Aug 4, 2017

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