Valvoline Ads: The 1900s

Sep 21, 2016

Valvoline has been around for a long time, 150 years to be exact. Since 1866 we’ve been lubricating engines all over the world. We went into the vault and dug out some of our favorite ads from the 1900s. At one point we even had a monkey named Val that taught people about changing their own oil. And while we’ve changed some advertising strategies — sorry Val — some things remain the same.

Check out some of our advertising and marketing materials that have helped tell Valvoline’s story over the years. 

01. Today you can save more than $7 changing your own oil

Changing your motor oil regularly can save you money in the long run. Take it from A.J. Foyt.


02. The evening dress by Pilgrim, the motor oil for “her car” by Valvoline

Only the best for your vehicle. 

03. Valvoline is ‘Chimply’ Too Terrific to Pass Up

Val the chimp knows best.

04. Vote for Valvoline

 It’s a vote we can still get behind.

05. If Valvoline Didn’t Perform Neither Would Al Unser Jr

Everything retro is new again. This fall at Darlington, Paul Menard will drive a car with an Al Unser Jr. paint scheme.

06. For the best protection afloat ask for Valvoline Marine Lubricants

We love these hand-drawn illustrations that harken back to a mid-century look and feel.

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