5 Things That Have Changed Since This Ad

Mar 17, 2016

01. The Conversation About Electric Cars

We weren’t talking a lot about electric cars back in 1966. The truth is, the first electric cars were developed in the 1800s, but their popularity declined when more affordable, gas-powered cars were developed. Fast forward 50 years and automakers worldwide are in frenzied competition to build long-lasting batteries and efficient motors that enable electric vehicles to go farther.

02. Gas Prices

Around the time of this ad, a jug of gas only costs 32 cents. Today in the U.S., the average price for regular is under $2 per gallon. Of course that can and does change every day. Back in 2008, gas prices hit an all time high when the average price was $4.10 per gallon.

03. How We Listen To Music

In 1965 the state-of-the art eight-track player debuted in cars. Now most cars come with both AUX and USB adapters for MP3 players and/or integrated satellite radio. The advanced audio features in cars continue to blow our minds. BMW introduced gesture control in some of their 2016 models. This feature allows drivers to turn up the volume with a simple hand motion. No buttons necessary.

04. Car Prices

We would all have new cars if they cost under three grand wouldn’t we? In 1966, the average car cost $2,650. Since then, dramatic technology improvements (in design, performance, quality and safety) and inflation have combined to drive up vehicle costs. Today, new four-door sedans start around $18,000 with high-end models at as much as $80k and beyond.

05. Safety

The National Traffic and Motor Safety Act of 1966 was created to set safety standards for U.S. vehicles. As a result, seat belts became required for all vehicles, among other things. Now we wouldn’t even think about riding in a vehicle without one, right?

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