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Randy R.C. Combs

Rio Rancho, NM

My Story
I come from a racing background my grandfathers,grandmothers,my mom,my dad,uncles,aunts,brother,sisters,ect. All race or have raced at one time. I love what I do and I am real good at it, racing is my dream in life and all I want to do I am young and determined and would love a chance at a sponsorship. Just to be noticed for my accomplicments I have done in the time I have been racing by a respected Team as Valvoline would be an honor.Thank you for this chance to be noticed.


Racing Classification
Dirt Oval

Vehicle Type
Street Stock

Won championship 2 years in a row running go-karts, started racing street stocks at age 15 and won championship 2 years in a row, 2nd place next two years now starting my 7th year racing.

Sponsorships & Partners
Rio Rancho Imports, Car Crafters, Mario's Racing, and all of my family.