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Matthew Wright

Dry Ridge, KY

My Story
Racing has been in my family since the 50s my grandfather said. Ive always look up to the man until he passed on from pancreatic cancer. We’ve built a mustang(drag car) and that started my addiction. When I was 12 I bought my first car. 1998 Chevy cavalier. I striped it down by myself learning as I went, put mud tires on it and raced circle track at the fairs. Here I am now racing built Honda’s in this racing doing what I do best. I can’t roll up to the track without people spreading the word that I’m there. I hope and dream to grow and racing with the pros and have my head toward and climbing to the top.


Racing Classification
Dirt Oval

Vehicle Type

Countless wins at top dog promotions demo derby races, racing jumps all the way to Racing backwards

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