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Kane Williams

Las Vegas , NV

My Story
My names kane Williams I’m 18 I’ve been racing 5 years but been at the track all 18 of em my family races but now it’s just me an my uncle who still race an money has been getting tighter and tighter between the hospital bills for my grandpas cancer an the race car parts so any money helps thanks an have a great day #raceon!!!!


Racing Classification
Dirt Oval

Vehicle Type
Dwarf car/modified

Well a memory that sticks out the most to almost every racer is there first win but not me it was the my first ever race an after the main I got like 5 I think but it was when I got outa the car an my grandpa gave me this big ole bear hug and said great job buddy I’m proud of you! But the reason why it’s such a good memory to me is because I know I will never have another moment like that again becouse my grandpa has since then been diegnosed with stage 4 lung cancer but he still try’s to help me in anyway he can with the car I just wish I could help him.

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