My Story
My name is John Baker, my friends call me Indiana John. I wasn't born into racing. I didn't come from money. My family and I have worked hard without sponsors, and without team support and crew chiefs to be successful in dirt track racing. That intense effort and drive is what I feel will set me apart from the rest. I learned what I know from trial and error. My weakness is my equipment. Driving chassis that other people would throw away, cranking engines that shouldn't last, and doing it all for the love of racing has pushed me to work even harder to reach my goals.

ASE Technician

Racing Classification
Dirt Oval

Vehicle Type
CJ Rayburn Dirt LateModel

I won my first race the week I turned 14, making my personal race number 14 forever. I won my first Limited Latemodel race at age 16. I have been in Super Latemodel for 3 years collecting a 6th place in overall points and Rookie of the Year my first season at Twin Cities Raceway Park. Following it up with a 2nd Rookie of the Year at Brownstown Speedway.

Sponsorships & Partners
I have no sponsors at the time, but I greatly appreciate the help and support my family provides.