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David Scott

Jacksonville, FL

My Story
Drag Racing is truly what I was born to do.. Cars and racing have always been a family involvement for me. Trying to make the best out of what I have to be competitive. To me racing is not only about the car it’s about the image you portray and the involvement of the people or fans around you. To be the best is what we strive for wether it’s valvoline and it’s product or the car and image we put on the track... a sponsorship with Valvoline is not only important to further your career it’s an opportunity to show and tell people about the products you use or can use in their daily driver to extend the life of their vehicle..

AT&T service tec

Racing Classification

Vehicle Type
1970 Chevrolet Camaro

2010 nhra division 2 r/u 2007 Gainesville raceway track champion 2013 super street winner NHRA div 2 Turkey Trot nationals

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