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Our Top 5 Cruising Spots in the Southwest

Aug 3, 2016

Who doesn’t like showing off their tricked-out ride whenever possible? We’ve compiled the best places in the Southwest to do just that. From El Chuco to East Los, here are the best cruising spots you should check out.

01. El Paso, Texas

Sundays at Ascarate Park

El Paso, also known as El Chuco, is keeping the lowrider and zoot suit pachuco culture alive and well. Impalas and drop tops reign king at Ascarate Park, but as long as your car (or truck) has some swagger, all are welcome. It’s the perfect “cruise and chill” spot to take your family on Sunday evening

02. Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles Cruise Night

What's a cruise list without mentioning the birthplace of customs and mods? Los Angeles' car scene is the abuelo of lowrider culture and there's no better place to experience this than at the Los Angeles Cruise Night. Previously held at the now-closed historic 6th Street Bridge, this cruise-in stays true to its roots, continuing to host meet-ups in East Los. At LA Cruise Night, you'll find the best lowriders and classic cars Tinseltown has to offer. While heavy on the Chevys, the cruise hosts a variety of lowrider classics including Pre-WWII Fords, Lincoln Continentals, and if you're lucky, you'll find a Mercury Eight here and there. So next time you're in the City of Angels, rather than Rodeo Drive, drive on over to the Los Angeles Cruise Night for classic car excelencia.

03. Houston, Texas

Ride 'N Shine

Ride 'N Shine takes place every month at La Centerra in the suburb of Katy, Texas. The event attracts everything from souped-up Lamborghinis to Jeeps that look good both off road and in the concrete jungle. Of course, the classics always steal the show. There’s nothin’ better than taking in the exhaust of these beautiful rides in The Energy Capital of the World.

04. Phoenix, Arizona

Scottsdale Pavilions Car Show

Who would've guessed that the longest consecutive cruise-in in the nation was in Phoenix, Arizona? Between palm tree-lined avenues and sprawling mansions, Scottsdale is also home to the Pavilions Car Show: the perfect place to spot rare classics and cool mods in Valley of the Sun. Who needs water in that Arizona heat when you can quench your thirst for car culture on anywhere between 250-500 cars every single Saturday of the year? This meet is welcoming to cars of all ages. Here you'll get your fix of everything ranging from antiques from the Roarin 20s to muscle from the 70s, and from immaculate low riders from the 40s to modded Lancers from the 21st century. Traveling by car (and through time) in Arizona has never been this hot.

05. Dallas, Texas

Lowriders and Coffee

Hosted by JB Kustoms, Lowriders and Coffee takes place every second Saturday of the month from 7AM until 9AM. This family-friendly event brings out the best lowriders (and custom bikes) from the Metroplex. And no show is complete without cars decked out in blue and silver. Go big or go home in the Big D, right?

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