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A #DaleGas Diary

Team Valvoline
Oct 23, 2017

A lean, but fierce car club based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Founded in 2011, The Bombardiers are known for keeping their rides in peak condition year-round. The club’s members only drive true American classics. Cruisers, hot rods, custom old school pick-ups – if it’s a quality-built pre-1960 machine, it might just be Bombardiers material.
No dues. No rivalries. No drama. That’s how The Bombardiers roll. While many other clubs are in it for the prestige, these guys and gals are in it for the people. Yes, a passion for cars is the common thread that ties this close-knit group of builders and drivers together. But road trips, backyard barbecues, good times with good friends – those are the things that make The Bombardiers, The Bombardiers.


The Bombardiers pride themselves on driving the meanest, loudest, cleanest classics on the road. So whether they’re cruising down Route 66 or representing Albuquerque at a national meetup, you’d better believe these rides are 100 percent show-ready. Let’s marvel at some of the club’s coolest cars and meet the members behind each wheel.
As President and Founder of The Bombardiers, Russ sets the bar high for his members. The proof? His 1953 Chevy 210. With the club’s help, Russ rebuilt the ride’s transmission and gave the original motor, a 235 6-cylinder, a second life. This fully restored cruiser also features custom paint, pin stripe beams, air ride suspension, and (you guessed it) flamethrower exhaust. Time to blast some Rockabilly oldies.



This is Leonard, Russ’s right hand man and the club’s go-to paint and body guy. Leonard’s personal garage is packed with custom classics, but his “die hard car” is none other than a modded 1928 Model A. The ride was bought as a full-on rat rod, but after cleaning up the body, rewiring the electrical, and upgrading the steering, Leonard had transformed the car into the head-turning rod that stands before you.


Rob is a longtime member and one of the The Bombardiers’ key motor men. He’s a car guy of few words, but this sweet old school truck says all you need to know about his skillset. Rob’s 1954 Chevy 3100 was restored to its original form with dual carbs, spinners, and a custom paint job. Want to see how this classic pick-up purrs in the real world? Check out our #DaleGas cruise in Rob’s 3100.
A more recent member of The Bombardiers, Jerry is a master of electrical and builder of anything on 4 wheels. But that’s not all he brings to the table. You might remember Jerry’s 1934 Dodge Coupe, “The Rockpile Rescue,” from our #DaleGas ride on Route 66. From body work to wiring to dropping in a ’53 Desoto hemi, Jerry DIYed this rare hot rod at every turn.
Whenever a member needs help getting their ride on the road, The Bombardiers are quick to call a garage night and drive into action. Routine maintenance, body work, paint, even engine swaps – no bolt is left unturned. In fact, with their collective under-the-hood savvy, The Bombardiers can handle almost everything themselves at Leonard’s shop.
If the club isn’t maintaining their main rides, they’re tackling a new garage project. Over the past two years, Leonard and Rob have put in over 600 man-hours on Leonard’s ‘52 Ford truck. And from the looks of it, this purple pick-up is really starting to shine. Another member, Daniel, has a ’32 Ford sedan with a V8 Chevy motor that’s still got a few minor kinks to work out. Next item on the DIY to-do list? Rob’s 1960 Impala.


Remember: The Bombardiers’ cars are turnkey. Ready to roll at a moment’s notice. But before the club travels to a big show, they like to make sure their engines and bodies are tuned up and cleaned up – down to the last detail. Russ, for example, has his own pre-show ritual for the ’53 Chevy: a fresh coat of PureWax. Once all the rides are primed, The Bombardiers tie down to their trailers, hitch up their rigs, and hit the road in an ultimate caravan fashion.
The Bombardiers don’t keep their toys locked away in the garage – they take them out to play. Sometimes that means cruising without a destination in mind. Sometimes it means turning the parking lot at a local diner into a time machine. And sometimes it means hanging out at some of the nation’s biggest car shows. One thing’s for certain, though: The Bombardiers drive to the beat of their own drum.

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Team Valvoline
Oct 23, 2017

Nuestro dedicado grupo de casas en el equipo editorial

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