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10 Pieces of Riding Gear You Need This Spring

Apr 7, 2016

Any experienced motorcycle enthusiast knows that you don’t just hop on your bike and ride. You have to have the proper gear. From essential items like helmets and jackets to the more nuanced pieces, there’s plenty of effort that goes into smart and safe riding.

01. Icon Airframe Ghost Carbon Helmet | $375

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With a sun visor, substantial vents, and a large facial opening, Icon’s Ghost Carbon Helmet is a great choice for the warmer months. Their helmets hold up under rigid safety testing too, so you’ll know you’re well protected.

02. Gridlock Denim Moto Shirt | $120


For the warm days when you’re breezing around town, make sure you’ve at least got a proper shirt if you’re leaving the jacket at home. The shoulders and elbows of this Gridlock Denim Moto Shirt are reinforced with Kevlar fiber thread, and the expansion gussets in the shoulders allow for minimal movement restriction.

03. Aerostich Competition Stitch Scarf | $34

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A scarf may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you ride, but it’s important to protect your neck. Throw on this Aerostich Competition Stitch Scarf to stay dry when it’s raining, or wear it wetted during the warm weather to stay cool.

04. Ugly Bros Riding Jeans | $200 - $350

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Make no mistake—regular jeans won’t protect you at all if you find yourself in a motorcycle accident. A pair of Ugly Bros Riding Jeans, however, will provide “fashion fused with function and safety,” as they say, and you won’t have to break the bank for a new pair.

05. Spidi Ring Leather Jacket | $400

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A well-made leather jacket is essential for any rider, and this Spidi Ring Leather Jacket will help you stay safe and looking good. Made from lightweight buffalo leather and weighing less than four pounds, it’s a great choice for a warm-weather excursion.

06. Del Rosaio Resistor Short Cuff Performance Gloves | $250

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If you’re wearing motorcycle gloves—and, well, you always should—you might as well wear the ones that Gizmodo calls “the safest gloves ever.” The revolutionary Resistor Short Cuff Performance Gloves from Del Rosario are changing the game, so preorder a pair before the next batch sells out!

07. TCX X-Wave Waterproof Shoes | $180

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If you get caught in a rainstorm, there’s nothing worse than getting soaked through your shoes. Thankfully, these TCX X-Wave Waterproof Shoes will eliminate that scenario, all while providing a vintage leather look. If you’re not worried about the rain, though, we’d recommend these Speed and Strength Run With The Bulls Shoes.

08. Alpinestars Road Racing Summer Socks | $20

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It’s easy to forget about wearing the proper socks, but when the weather warms up, you’ll maximize your comfort level for just a few extra bucks. These Alpinestars Road Racing Summer Socks provide a high level of moisture wicking along with a cozy fit.

09. Nelson-Rigg SR-6000 Stormrider Rain Suit | $55

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A few April showers should never ruin a good ride, especially considering how inexpensive quality rain gear can be. This two-piece Nelson-Rigg SR-6000 Stormrider Rain Suit will maximize comfort all while keeping you dry.

10. Bobster Hooligan Photochromic Sunglasses | $45

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Any rider knows that eyewear is crucial, but sometimes it’s hard to predict the weather. With these photochromic sunglasses from Bobster, the lenses will adjust to light conditions to keep you protected. And it doesn’t hurt that they’re pretty stylish to boot.

Always take appropriate safety precautions when working on or operating your vehicle. Take the necessary steps to help prevent injuries; always use protective gear like helmets, safety goggles, and gloves 

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