5 Junkyard Fixes That Can Save The Bank

Apr 3, 2017

Salvage yard parts may cost you a few bucks, but these DIY junkyard fixes can save you BIG in the long haul.

From minor interior repairs to custom body work, there are many car fixes and upgrades that can be done from parts found in the salvage yard. If you have (or are willing to learn) some DIY skills, these common junkyard fixes could save you money and go a long way to repairing or restoring your ride. 

01. Headlights

Having headlight headaches? Word of advice: Don’t get overcharged at the shop for a repair you can easily do yourself on the cheap. Whether you need to replace a broken lens or whole headlight assembly, any worthy salvage yard should have the components you need to fix your lights. Just dig around, find the right car model, and soon you’ll be shifting gears into DIY mechanic mode. Not quite sure what’s wrong with your lights? No sweat. Take a look at these common headlight problems.

02. Tires & Rims

If you’re looking for quality wheels, don’t look past your local salvage yard. You might think that junkyard donuts are not good by definition, but it’s actually pretty easy to find decent road-ready tires that fit your vehicle. Remember: Just because the car’s body is scrap doesn’t mean the tires are toast. Plus, if your rims get beat up or bent, you should be able to dig up some solid alloy replacements. Who knows? Your new wheels may even upgrade your ride.

03. Electrical

It’s no surprise that smaller electrical parts like lights and interior switches are common finds at salvage yards. But really, you can scoop up all sorts of affordable electrical components for your ride. Maybe your car battery runs out of juice. Grab a working battery right out of an engine and easily connect it to your ride. Or maybe you want to amp up your broken car stereo system. The yard’s got you covered there too.

04. Interior

Restoring an old-school car interior back to its glory days? Looking to repair a small dash part? Whatever inside fix you’re working on, we’ve got the inside scoop. Let’s say your classic has come down with a case of worn out seats. You may find a nice replacement set at the scrapyard - bucket or bench. Just make sure they’re in safe condition. Or maybe your newer ride needs an A/C knob, door latch, or window rubber. Most junkyards will have the parts you need to piece your ride’s interior back together.  

05. Glass

We’ve all been there. Maybe a loose rock smashes in your windshield on the highway. Maybe a small mirror crack spreads over time. Glass damage happens to the best of us. And when it does, you can either spend a pretty penny at the auto glass store or get your hands a little dirty at the junkyard. Side mirrors, windshields, windows. If you look hard enough, you’ll find the untarnished glass you need. And what a perfect time to learn some DIY glass repair tricks.​

All in all, you’d be amazed at all the sweet finds lurking in the junkyard. Just be sure to bring along your trusty workshop tools and you’re set.

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