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One Man’s Trunk is Another Man’s Tailgate

Oct 3, 2016

Want your tailgate to stand out on game day? Roll up your sleeves so you can roll up in something unexpected.

Maybe you don’t have the cash to run out and buy the brand new pick-up truck / tailgating machine of your dreams. But if you’re looking to get creative, consider these five vehicles as potential tailgate transformation projects. 

01. El Camino

Photo Credit: Flickr

Every team and every fan has a history, so showing up to pre-game in a vintage vehicle can’t be a bad idea.

With the practicality of a pickup truck and a style straight out of the 70s, the El Camino allows you to stand out and keep a low profile all at the same time. Because when you’re a classic, you never go out of style.

02. Station Wagon

Photo Credit: Wikipedia 

To the uninitiated, station wagons are only for old-fashioned suburbanites. But this vehicle is perfect for road trips to away games.

Ample interior space makes passengers comfortable riding to and from enemy territory with room left over for party supplies. And technically, there’s a tailgate – though you get style points for rear doors that open to the side instead of folding down.  

03. Hearse

Photo Credit: Flickr

Yes, the original purpose of these vehicles may be a bit morbid, but the structure is deceptively perfect for a tailgate party.

The hearse’s “backseat” can accommodate big, cumbersome items (think chairs, grills and canopies) but with two sets of side doors that open in opposite directions - you can also get that stuff in and out.  

And if you really want to up your game, take the concept to the next level: bring your own coffin and outfit it for food and drinks like they do in Louisiana.

04. Passenger Van

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Yeah, it’s hard to beat a tailgate and a truck bed for storage and seating, but if you want to bring everything and everyone to the pre-game party, a passenger van might suit you better. Leave benches in or pull them out depending on the ratio of people to supplies. And when the game is ready to start, securely store all your stuff OR get your flat screen and digital antenna set up in the fairly weather-proof back.

Want bonus points? A standard white passenger van looks an awful lot like a big blank canvas to us, so you’ll have to customize with colors, logos and mascots.

05. Ice Cream Truck

Photo Credit: Flickr

Think about the brilliance of an ice cream truck tailgate. A built-in refrigerator beats any cooler, especially early in the season when game-day temps can hit triple digits in some parts of the country.

Outfit the inside with all of your tailgating accoutrements - we’re thinking a built-in buffet for food and drink prep - and serve your guests through the side window food-truck style. Wait. We mean ice cream-truck style.

So if you’re an automotive DIYer and a die-hard football fan, you don’t have to tailgate in the typical truck! We’re putting the challenge out there…let us know if you accept it.

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