5 NFL Fan Rides That Show Serious Team Pride

Oct 31, 2016

Whether your team ends up 4-12 or 12-4, these NFL fan cars show up to show off.

When you live for pro football, nothing says true fan loyalty like a fully decked out ride. Why? Because when you commit your own car – your pride and joy – to a team, you’re officially in it for the long haul. From exterior wraps to totally customized interior, these 5 wild rides proudly show their true team colors – win or lose. Check ‘em out! 

01. The Claiborne Car

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On and off the tailgate circuit, Dallas Cowboys fans are some of the most devoted in sports. Just take it from this proud piece of American muscle, owned by family friends of Cowboys player Morris Claiborne. How ‘bout this Cowboys Challenger? That paint job sure knows who it’s rooting for.

02. The Miami Machine

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This 1972 Pontiac Ventura is a living reminder of the Miami Dolphins’ perfect season. Inside and out, the old school muscle machine boasts a level of fandom that no amount of face paint will ever match. Orange and teal seats, lining, paint, everything. A decklid autographed by the ’72 team themselves. And, this car is even Dolphin-crazy under the hood. Just take a look for yourself.

03. The Denver Bronco

Image source: "Old Ford Bronco in great shape in San Francisco" (CC BY 2.0) by  News Photographer 

Three-time Super Bowl champs and a fan-favorite across America. There’s only one way to pay respects to the Denver Broncos on four wheels: in an “Orange Crush” Ford Bronco. See, in the early 70s, a Colorado car dealer bought a bunch of Broncos and transformed them into orange and blue SUVs. Today, this specialized ride is rare, and some of these Broncos have even been retrofitted with blue carpets and Broncos decals. Wouldn’t it be nice to get your hands on one?

04. The Low-Raider

Image source:

Okay, so this fan ride isn’t exactly a car… But an Oakland Raider-themed bicycle? That’s too crazy to pass up. This two-wheel masterpiece boasts a custom silver and black Raiders paint job, whitewall tires and decadent chrome rims. You can bet that a modded bicycle probably isn’t the most practical tailgating vehicle. But when has logic ever stopped a superfan from showing off their team spirit? 

05. The Baltimore Buick

Image source: "Ravens Mobile" (CC BY 2.0) by  Forsaken Fotos

A Baltimore Firefighter and lifelong DIYer customized his classic Buick into an all-out Ravens road rocket. With its purple neon ensemble, logo-covered hubcaps and flame-firing exhaust, the ‘52 Buick has gained lots of traction with classic car enthusiasts and Ravens fans alike. Plus, its electronic horn proudly plays “Who let the dogs out?” on game day. That’s commitment.

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