Inside the Los Angeles County Fire Museum

Dec 21, 2015

The Los Angeles County Fire Museum is dedicated to preserving and showcasing some of the world's most iconic fire engines, housing dozens of beautifully restored machines that, together, help tell the rich history of the American fire service. 

And these aren't just for looks.  These are fully operational restorations.  Some of the vehicles in the museum's fleet date all the way back to the 1860's (back around when ValvolineTM first introduced their motor oil).  From horse and hand-drawn buggies, to steam powered wagons, to Model T's and many classic firecoaches, each vehicle has been meticulously restored to run good as new.

And historically, the firefighters themselves have been responsible for the maintenance and performance of their vehicles.

In other words, they're gearheads too.

The LA County Fire Museum relies on Valvoline lubricants to keep their engines in top shape.  Follow us as we go behind-the-scenes and under the hood of some of the museum's standout vehicles, and get to know some of the passionate folks that make it all possible.

Inside the Los Angeles County Fire Museum

A glimpse into the museum's mission and approach to restoring classic fire engines.  Plus, take a look under the hood of a slick restoration of a 1925 Ford Model T.

Get to Know Joe Woyjeck

Captain Joe Woyjeck is a former racer, but now spends his time as Vice President and mechanic of the museum.  Joe takes us inside the museum's restoration garage for an oil change and preparation of a motor swap on a classic Chevy ambulance.

Evolution of a Fire Engine Part 1

Captain Schneider talks through the evolution of some of the earliest fire fighting vehicles, from those powered by human hand and horse, to steam, and ultimately, combustion.

Evolution of a Fire Engine Part 2

Captain Schneider explains the process for enacting the pump transmission on a 1990 Pierce fire engine in order to start the fire fighting process, and shows us how the engines of modern fire trucks have evolved.

Lubricating a Fire Engine

Captain Paul Schneider, President of LACFM and a bona fide expert when it comes to the mechanics, maintenance and restoration of fire engines of all eras walks us through the role of lubrication in a modern pump transmission and the complex workings of a 1907 Metropolitan Steam Pumper.

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Inside the Los Angeles County Fire Museum




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