How to Make a Costume Box Car

Oct 27, 2015

Step by step insructions to make a car Halloween costume.

01. Gather Materials

In addition to three large square boxes of the same size you'll need...

  1. A box cutter or sturdy scissors
  2. Hot glue gun
  3. Elastic straps
  4. Spray paint - up to three colors for your paint scheme
  5. Painters tape - optional
  6. Felt squares - optional

02. First Box

Unfold your first box and outline the curve of the car as indicated and cut. Find something round like a plate to trace and on the scraps of your board, cut out your wheels.

03. Repeat with Second Box

Take your second box and using the shapes created from your first box as a stencil, duplicate step one. At this point you should have your two side panels and four wheels.

04. Third Box

Take your third box, lay it flat, and cut out three squares as indicated. These will be used to create the remaining body of the vehicle.

05. Hood, Tail and Trunk

These three pieces will become your hood, tail, and trunk. Lightly perforate two squares as indicated so they will be easier to bend to create the hood and tail of the car.

06. Connect Pieces

Connect all of pieces, as indicated, using your hot glue gun, or painters tape if preferred. Spray your tires and hubcaps and let dry.

07. Paint and Wheels

Spray paint the entire car one color and, once dry, use the hot glue gun to attach wheels to the outside and straps to the inside.

08. Finishing Touches

Don't forget your paint scheme! Use painters tape, spray paint, felt and/or other craft tools to decorate the car with your favorite driver's number.

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