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5 Headlights That Make Us Want to Night Drive

Jan 23, 2017

From classic designs to state-of-the-art tech, these are the headlights we can’t help but love. 

Whether you’re a classic collector, an off-road truck guy, or a modern car maniac, headlights are a key design and safety feature that should never be overlooked. So get into night driving gear and check out these illuminating headlights we love for both function AND flare.

01. Pop-Ups

Pop-up headlights have been a staple of the auto universe since the mid-1930s. And while the “hidden headlamp” is starting to look like a trend of the past, the legendary cars that sport them still shine bright today. We’re talking NSX, Superbird, Ferrari, Porsche 944. Oh, and did we mention classic corvettes? Anything that was good enough for the split-window Stingray is good enough for us.

02. Halos

When BMW first introduced Halo headlights in 2000, they probably didn’t realize they were about to change the car game forever. These rings of light were meant to serve as daytime running lights, but they looked too good. Soon, the design was implemented on cars like the Camaro and gearheads were customizing their own rides with halos. Now you can’t go to a car show without catching a glimpse of these sweet colored “corona rings.”

03. Stacked Quads

Even though quad headlights were illegal in some states at the time, they had become a fairly popular design feature by the late 50s. Automakers like Cadillac helped pioneer side-by-side quads and other U.S. brands followed in suit. Really though, it was the famous Pontiac GTO that made quads cool. To this day, the sheer awesomeness of vertically stacked quad headlights is synonymous with an unforgettable era of American muscle.

04. Light Bars

If you’ve ever customized your truck or SUV, you’ve probably looked into installing a light bar on your roof. A sweet set of beams up top is the perfect compliment to any 4x4: modern Jeeps, vintage Broncos, 4Runners, pick-ups - you name it. Plus, these days you can go full LED, giving yourself a wider and safer view of the road, dirt, or mud ahead. Can you think of a better way to take your off-road adventure to the next level?

05. Adaptive Headlights

It’s no secret: the 21st century has unleashed some technology your dad and granddad never thought possible. And automakers across the world are joining in the innovation, equipping their rides with self-parking features, GPS consoles and now, adaptive headlights. Using electronic sensors, these reactive beams follow the road, making twists and turns along your drive safer than ever at night. Adaptive headlights are already stock in Europe, upgrading BMWs, MINIs, and Volkswagens, among others.

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